Golf Cart Tire Pressure (PSI)

Golf Cart Tire Pressure

Your golf cart’s tire pressure is critical to long tire life. Proper tire pressure is usually indicated on the sidewall and will vary between brands or models of golf cart tires.

Most golf car tires use somewhere between 15 to 25 PSI (pounds per square inch) with an average of about 20-22 PSI.

Many off-road tires may use as little air pressure as 12-15 PSI for added traction. Keep in mind that the greater the tire pressure, the easier the golf cart will roll, and the ride becomes stiffer and the center of the tire may wear prematurely.

Too much air will also reduce your traction as only the middle of the golf cart tire makes sufficient contact with the ground. Lower air pressure provides a smoother ride and provides more traction, but also takes more power to turn the wheels. However, If you go too low, then the outer edges of the tire may wear prematurely.

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